7th – 13th November 2011

Full update coming soon: to book an event email: mcrokcafe@gmail.com

Monday 7th November

7:00pm -Food not Bombs Manchester organising meeting

Every day huge quantities of good food are thrown away, while thousands of people go hungry. Food Not Bombs is a global movement which collects donations of food that would otheriwise have been through away and cooks it into hot vegan meals to give away on the streets to everyone wants it.

7.30pm – Voting, mandates and consensus.

Solidarity Federation: When is a vote needed? What is a flexible mandate? How far should consensus be pushed? A discussion on how these factors should influence decision making in a national organisation

8pm – Ok Cafe Past, Present and Future

Tuesday 8th November

5-7pm- Poetry workshop

An oppurtunity for aspiring poets to hone their skills. The event will be hosted by the establish poetry performer Dominc Berry.

5:30-7:30pm- Share learning languages, Lesson  4 (Italian, Spanish, French)

For beginners and not only

6-7pm Manchester Housing Action Squat Skill-share

A chance to get together to share practical skills on squatting and link up with other squatters and people looking to squat in Manchester

7pm – Occupy movement workshop

A discussion about the Occupy Movement, covering the globe occupation, the history of the movement, general assembly and more specifically the movment in Manchester as well as the future of the movement.

Wednesday 9th November

6 – 8pm – Subvertising and reclaiming public space workshop

A chance to discuss the impact that advertising has on our public spaces and legal and illegal ways to fight against it. Learn how to use the streets to spread your message!

6-8pm The Urban Gardening Project meeting

8pm – Open Mic night

Bring your insturments and talent and come over to the okcafe and play.

Thursday 10th November

4pm – Disabled People’s Direct Action Network meeting

5-7pm- A brief history of the No Borders network in Manchester

A brief history of the No Borders network, focusing on Manchester. Come and meet other people interested in No Borders activism.

6-10pm- Black Star Ital ‘Cook Up’ 

A night of reggae riddems, ital food and easy skanking with Black Star Dub Collective’s cooks and djs

7pm – Manchester Traveller Solidarity

7-9pm  Writing a press release and Creating your Own Media

In this session, we’ll look at:

  • – how to write a press release to get the media to take notice of your event, action, campaign or project.
  • – the daily routines of local and national media and how to best fit into them
  • – how to use independent media platforms such as Northern Indymedia
  • – how to use easy DIY web editing programs such as WordPress

All welcome – no previous experience required.

If you have your own laptop, please bring it. Otherwise, computers will be provided.

9-11pm -Invisible Circus film showing

How to turn an old fire station into a circus/arts type place….Bring some popcorn and come to watch this film at the okcafe’s big screen.

Friday 11th November

2-4pm – Making stuff out of rubbish

Does what it says on the tin. Belts out of inner tubes, wallets out of tetra packs…laptops out of cereal boxes…yeah!

5-9pm- OKcafe- OKsong

OK, what happens if you gather up a lot of OK musicians to forum an OK supergroup and write an OK song about squatting/ the cafe? Let’s find out!

All welcome, no musical talent required, just a sense of rhythm!

5-6pm- Court, arrest etc- skill share

6-8pm- Mexico and The Movement for Peace

Documentary and discussion;

An independent collective of documentarists in Mexico directed a documentary about the war in Mexico and they show it at the cafe;

”Mass-media is not accurately showing what the war in Mexico is being like and affecting every single one of us and our families



6-8pm-When Protest Goes Wrong

When Protest Goes Wrong: arrest, detention, courts, imprisonment – it could be you! Green & Black Cross workshop on experiences of the legal and punishment systems.

Saturday 12th November

2pm-5pm Textiles skill share

Jewellery and crafts making- there will be stuff provided but bring your own too!

2-6:30pm- Legal observer workshop

Legal observer is the art of collecting evidence to assist activists in legal proceedings. This session, run by Green and Black Cross, is beginners’ training in what you need to look out for and do as a legal observer.

9pm-12am- Folk Fights Night

Folk Night…Music night.

This will be the last late night event at the Cafe, with music from The Happy Soul, Avital Raz & f Q Too, Tom Yates & Friendly Friends, Karima Francis, The Yossarians, and more special guests!

Donations on the door, lots and lots of special booze, astral revelations & provident visions of the future. & jam

Sunday 13th November

7pm – Smash EDO’s Summer of Resistance


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  2. Lesley says:

    Hey, didn’t make it to bonfire went to see in the Jarrow Marchers in London instead but defo coming for GBC legal obs next Sat.

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