Workshop Callout

You may have heard that the Okasional Café, Manchester’s very own squatted social centre, will be up and running again in less than a month. We’d like to invite you to come and help us make it happen!

The next OK Café will run for 2 weeks from the 12th of November, providing a space where we can meet new people, bring the community together, share and explore ideas and most of all have some fun.

Like past cafés we are open to any of your ideas on workshops, talks and events on a broad range of topics, but this time we’re also trying something new. We want to focus our ideas on a theme and take this opportunity to look into issues of housing.

In Manchester and throughout the U.K, we are in the grip of a housing crisis. The change in squatting law, the relentless ‘redevelopment’ of our communities that push up prices, forcing people out of their homes, and the threat of further cuts to housing benefit and council tax benefit on the horizon, have made us want to question what is happening and act for change.

If you’d like to get involved with the theme of housing and contribute workshops, seminars, events, arts and music then get in contact. Although our theme this time around is something we feel is current and important to address, if you have any other ideas for workshops/events, then don’t hesitate to also get in contact.

For instance, it would be great if some groups could come and take on an evening of cooking, as well as running a workshop or showing a film during the evening. Or perhaps you could lead a walking tour of gentrified areas. We would also welcome groups making displays in relation to the theme to go up in the café or you can send us your literature if you can’t make it over. Another way you could be involved is to help us promote the cafe by printing off the flyer/poster (download at, and spreading the word.

For ideas and examples of what has happened at past OK Cafés check out the ‘Programme’ section on our website –  There is also more information about what we are here –

We are asking your project/group/collective/etc to get involved. Would you be interested in participating in the space and sharing your knowledge and experience with the community? If you have an idea for a workshop then please email
• the title
• a description of your workshop / event to go on our website
• how long it will last
• any equipment you need
• the days/ times you are available.

We’ll then get back in touch as quickly as we can to confirm. Be excited, you could be part of the next Okasional Café. It’s going to be great!

Okupy, defy and transform!
The Okasional Café

Programme contact:
General Ok Café contact:


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