Sunday 25th November

The freeshop is on again today and as today all day…. No need to bring anything feel free to just take stuff! Or just come and dress up and hang out in there… 🙂

On Sunday we also have….

Lunch at 1pm! Food food food.. We haven’t normally done lunches this time round at the OK Cafe, but there is lunch this Sunday!

Dinner at 6pm – Food Not Bombs are Cooking up a storm..
Every day huge quantities of good food are thrown away, while thousands of people go hungry. Food Not Bombs is a global movement which collects donations of food that would otherwise have been thrown away and cooks it into hot vegan meals to give away on the street to anyone who wants or needs it. To get in touch with food not bombs in Manchester see

7-8:30pm Film Screenings: “Everyday Revolution” and “Yayas De L´ÉlĂ©gance”
OK Cafe presents a film screening of two short visual anthropology films. Each film will be followed by a short Q& A / discussions and we will have one of the film makers at the Cafe!
Everyday Revolution by Andrea Goytre Cabrera
In the context of the Spanish crisis, people try to invent and put into practice new ways of fighting the established economic and political powers. Their proposals turn their lives into an everyday revolution.

The Yayas De L´Élégance by MariaJose Pavlovic
S.A.P.E is the acronyme for the Society of Ambience Settlers and Elegant People. The followers of this movement are called “sapeurs”; men devoted to elegant dressing originally from Congo-Brazzaville, West Africa. Part of a sapeur´s achievement is to settle in Paris, the fashion´s capital so there they can become a “yaya”, a lingala word to express an experimented, recognised sapeur. Through the story of Fuluzioni Di Aluzioni, Annick Bertin “General Firenze” and Chardel Matsanga, this film tries to reveal the main aspects of this congolese practice.

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**Okasional Cafe** Presents – Musicalala for the FUTURE!

Today we have an OK Cafe fundraiser with music all day…
If you enjoyed this Cafe so far, come on down to help us raise funds for the next one!

Music will begin from 2pm with Space Pan Man, and will lead on to a day of music with a delicious tea time break, and ending in the evening with the Yossarians. The following fabulous folks shall be there…. (timings tbc)

Afternoon Session

Evening Session

PLUS! You also get to play your part – there will be a Record player there all day, and we want everyone to bring their favourite vinyls to soundtrack our afternoon and evening!!

*ÂŁ2 suggested donation*

While you’re here – don’t forget to check out our ‘Free shop-Swap shop’!
A Swap shop//Free shop is located in the first floor of our wonderful social centre.

Let’s get rid of things we don’t need and get what we need from others for free. Clothes, books, kitchen stuff, music instruments, decoration materials, furniture – whatever you think that others will use when these stuff are trapped in your cupboards, wardrobes, boxes…
This weekend and everyday from 3pm to 10 pm. Pop over anytime 🙂

See you there!
OK Cafe Crew

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It’s Friday!

Last night we had a smashing Open Mic night at the OK Cafe – busy as usual with a full audience! Keep that feeling going for our musical extravaganza coming up on Saturday…. We are also having another Open Mic night on Wednesday 28th Nov 8:00 -10:30pm, come then if you didn’t get a chance to play yesterday, just make sure you get there early as our list usually fills up!

The programme for today is:

5-7pm Poetry Circle
A non-judgemental forum to share any creative writing/spoken word…Bring your writings and have nice tea at the cafe.

6-7pm – Dinner at the OK Cafe! All welcome…

8-9:30pm – Open Space 2 – a space to talk about whatever you want!
This slot is left open for any discussions / questions that spring up during the cafe. We’ll have a board up with the Open Space time slots – please write your ideas here and come to the Open Space if you have something to talk about! The slot is meant for any issues that come up during the cafe, and can also be used for any discussions which are not quite substantial enough for a workshop, or if you have something to discuss but don’t feel comfortable organising a workshop. If something needs to be discussed further, it might be material for a workshop at this cafe if people want to take it on!

An artistic apocalypse from the Envirolution workshop on Wednesday!

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Thursday: Autonomous Learning and Arts, GM Action, Urban Gardening and our fabulous Open Mic night!

Yet another full day ahead at OK Cafe…
A day of autonomous learning, GM Action on the Curry Mile, try Urban Gardening, then come perform at our Open Mic night – or treat your ears to the musical delights that await!!

2-5pm: Autonomous Learning Zone (ALZ) – a new radical learning project
Come along to explore different ways of learning together….. The autonomous learning zone is about bringing people together to create a space for informal learning, and to allow projects and ideas to grow faster. At the start of each session everyone who comes decides what we are going to do that day, and you can also just along and do your own thing if you like getting on with your work / project / knitting with other people around.. Examples of what we have done previously include: researching the changes in squatting law, vegan Danish pastries, film production, bike maintenance.. We decide what we want to learn, then we do it! Simple..come join!

We don’t yet have a website so for more info email or find us on facebook:

5-6pm: TAA – Temporary Autonomous Arts Organising Meeting
Calling all artists and creative minds! Come along if you want to get involved in organising Manchester’s next Temporary Autonomous Arts…

6-7pm: Dinner Time at the OK Cafe – All welcome!
Cooking courtesy of the lovely Urban Gardening Project..mmm..

6-7pm: GM Action! Meet at 6…
Anyone concerned about GM in their food is welcome to join us for an ACTION on Thursday 22 Nov! We will meet at the OK Cafe for dinner at 6,  briefly discuss the details of the action (for background information and our inspiration see here) and then get straight out to engage with businesses on the Curry Mile  and encourage them not to use GM cooking oils.

8-9pm: Urban Gardening Clinic
Do want to grow food but have a tiny garden or yard? No outdoor space? Whatever your problems, come along to this session and we will try to help with ideas for what you could grow and how you could grow it. Will include a demonstration of a simple automated system to fill your windows with edible goodies.

8-10.30pm: Open Mic Night!

This is our first Open Mic night at OK Cafe Greenhouse, and its your chance to get on the Mic!  Come along and share your passion – we want to hear you… Or just pop down to listen and treat your ears to the musical delights we have lined up…

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The Cafe is ON for another week… get your workshops in!

The OK Cafe is continuing into next week and we still have some spaces in the program – so get your workshop ideas in! If you want to put something on have a read of our workshop callout and email with the title, description, length, equipment you need and when you can make it! In particular we have gaps for this Sunday (25th November). The program for next week will be continually updated as workshops are confirmed, so keep checking  the program pages to see what’s on. As for today (Wednesday 21st November) we have quite a line up:

1-2.30pm: Crafter Jewellery Workshop
Come along to our crafts workshop and learn how to make bracelets. Materials will be provided but feel free to bring your own (wool & beads)

2-4pm: OK – climb a Tree!
Theo (at the cafe) is doing an okasional trip to go and learn how to climb… a tree perhaps? Meeting at 2 at the cafe and then going to the park (or somewhere) bring a harness!

6-7pm: Food!!
Bring an empty tummy… and cake for desert is welcome too! We have a cooking and cake making rota on the wall at the Cafe, so if you want to help just come and speak to us about how it works and put your name down! You can never have too much cake though so feel free to bring some even if you are not on the rota…

Photograph: William Murphy

7-8pm: Why Women Travel – Abortion Rights in Ireland
Ireland, home of Guinness, folk music, beautiful scenery, James Joyce and a ban on abortion even in 2012.
…While in the UK, a short distance across the sea , it has been legal to get an abortion since 1967. In Ireland, both North and South, women are forced to travel to the UK to private clinics in order to get an abortion. This sad, stressful and lonely journey costs between ÂŁ400 and ÂŁ1000 for the procedure as well as hundreds for tickets and hotel fees. With the collapse of the Celtic Tiger and Ireland being the scene of much poverty, it has become even tougher for working class women to raise the funds to travel to the UK.

Women in Ireland need your support in the struggle to force the Irish government to legislate on abortion. Come to a meeting at OK Cafe. We are all workers; we must act in solidarity with women in Ireland.
For more information, contact Also see

8-10pm: The Last Thought
Envirolution Art Apocalypse: Interactive art workshop. Create your last piece of art before an environmental apocalypse, plus discussion about what we can do to prevent the apocalypse. The best pieces will be sold at out next art fundraiser

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Tuesday 20th: Woodcraft, Shack Town Project and Tech Tools for Activism!

It’s another full day of things to DO and learn about here at the OK Cafe.. be introduced to the basics of woodcraft; hear about an inspiring community project; and interact with the tools that are being used for modern day activism! Please do come down and join us…

1-3pm: Woodcraft workshop – come make something from wood 
Come play with wood! We will introduce the basics of working with green wood and use tools to make a wooden spoon, spatula or necklace. All tools provided, no experience necessary.

6-7pm: Dinner Time at the OK Cafe – All welcome!

7-8pm: The Shack Town Project
Come and find out more: The Shack Town Project is the turning around of a derelict space into a blossoming community of friends, with the broader aim of becoming self sufficient and therefore leaving the state of mind that being provided for by a government is at all necessary..

8-10pm: Tech Tools for Activism
An interactive workshop and show on a modern approach to using technology for activism.

We’ll find out peoples thoughts on the pros and cons of using electronic communication for social change. We’ll swap top tips on useful tech tools. Exchange information on avoiding censorship and evading surveillance and together we’ll weed out paranoid pub facts from solid information when it comes to using the internet to save the world. The workshop in partnership with the Tech tools for activism project find out more –

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OK Cafe presents: another week of workshops!

OK Cafe brings you another week of workshops… Keep checking our program page for updates. You can also help spread the word about the cafe by downloading and printing out some programme flyers for Week 2 from the downloads page.

Monday 19th Nov:

7:30pm – Open Meeting
The OK Cafe is run by the people who go to it… come along and help make the cafe happen and be part of decisions about how the space is used!

8:30pm – Permaculture for Communities
Taking the opportunity within an active community to consider the relevance and importance of the permaculture ethics, in particular people care in terms of designing for our personal impact within our local and global community. How does our own personal authority bare significance in the world we live in and how can we generate an authentic connection to that which matters in the face of global crisis?

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