Strategy Lab notes

Tuesday 1st November 2011 @ the OK Cafe, Fallowfield

Where do we Want to be (10+ years)? The Aim:

These aims were devised by several groups and individuals.

To have Political traction.
The ability to stop attacks on ourselves.
The ability to affect political change.
A less oppressive left wing culture (Homophobia, Sexism, Racism).
To inspire and give people belief in progressive change.

Where are we Now?


Economic Crisis.
Capitalism under stress (Euro and Greece, USA, rise of China).
Mass economic hardship.
Unions defeated.
Destruction of support structures (welfare, squatting, EMA etc.)
Political Crisis
End of Neo-liberal consensus.
Political scandals (wikileaks etc.).
Legitimacy crisis.
No mainstream solutions, where is Plan B?
Increasingly authoritarian state.
Climate Chaos.
Racism, sexism and class divisions existing. May increase with crisis.
Squat ban.
Youth – no future.
Worry that the Left might not attract people. Will the right be better?
Tory policy.
Lack of Left unity.
Oppressive behaviors by activists.


Increasing gay rights.
Environmental awareness (and legislation?)
no-armed conflict in the EU.
Global justice movement.

Gender equality and strength of feminism.
Rise of occupation movement.
Arab spring.
Feeling of being part of something, and that something is international.
Feeling that we need to make activism more mainstream.
More people on the streets.

Potential Pathways

Alternatives financially: LETS, credit unions.
Physical structures, squats, social centres etc.
Community networks and coalition building.
Self-critical methods (popular education etc.).
Organise workers.
Popular education venues such as really free schools.
General assemblies.
Sabotage/legitimisation mainstream media.
Oppression mainstreaming for all liberation campaigns.


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