We’ve been asked to post up some thoughts and notes from workshops that have taken place at the OK Cafe, so here goes.

If you have any notes, minutes or thoughts you want posted up here then email mcrokcafe[at]

Reflections on Popular Education

Private: The OKasional Cafe Safer Spaces Policy

The Okasional cafe is striving to be a temporary autonomous space where everyone can feel safe and comfortable. To make this happen, we have a Safer Spaces Agreement, and by being here, we agree to respect the following ideas.

So here it goes…
The basic tenet is respect – respect each other (our backgrounds, identities, ideas and bodies) – and respect the space we’ve created together. Here it goes…

  • Everyone has an equal right to be heard & an equal responsibility to listen.
  • Those who are used to doing the talking, may feel it benefits them to do more listening, and vice versa.
  • Respect and look after the building as a physical space and a resource for all.
  • However strongly you feel about a particular topic, do not accept that a discussion gets abusive.
  • Any behaviour – physical or verbal – that demeans, marginalises or dominates others, or perpetuates hierarchies, is not welcome.
  • Identify your own privileges – the things that sometimes give you an easier ride than others – and actively challenge them.
  • Be aware of the range of different identities (gender, race, class) that people may identify as, and avoid making generalisations, or assuming you know someone’s identity.
  • Be aware that anyone in the space could be a survivor of a particular form of oppression, for example, violence or racism.
  • If someone is feeling uncomfortable, do not hesitate to say so.
  • It is everyone’s responsibility to challenge prejudice & oppression, and if we ignore it we are complicit in it.

This list is not exhaustive and it is up to all of us to help create a space where everyone feels safe and included.

Groups who wish to create a temporary safe space, meeting space or workshop space for a particular group are welcome to do so (disabled, women, lgbtq, black and any others…)


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