Our communique

As the economic and social crisis worsens, how do we respond?

Do we sit by and let the response be sorted out by political and financial elites? Grumble about it in the pub but otherwise grin and bare it?

NO! at the Okasional café we challenge their claims to power and organise ourselves.

But in order to organise we need a space and that’s where the Okasional Café comes in.

What is the OKasional Café?

The Okasional Café is a temporarily squatted radical social centre. A social space where we can meet, play, eat, read, discuss, build, and connect with on another. A place where we can grow and challenge ourselves and organise together collectively.

Each week you will find a wide selection of talks events and workshops, from trying to understand the current financial crisis to brewing your own beer.

Who are we?

The ever-expanding Okasional Café collective found each other through a shared sense of frustration with the government and the current economic system that seems to rule our lives. We’re tired of being told that if we’re unhappy with the way things are we should sign a petition or talk to our local MP. We say ‘don’t talk to politicians, talk to strangers’, share your dissatisfaction at the state of things and organise within your local communities.

Rather than organising from the top down, or vertically – where a small elite make the decisions- we organise without hierarchy to try and allow everyone an equal say. We do this because we believe that the many are smarter than the few, it makes sense that everyone involved should have a say.

Why are we squatting?

We want to reclaim the wasted space in our city and to breath life into empty buildings. The idea of public space appears to be disappearing, our libraries are closing our cities privatised. In this environment squatting is an attempt to wrestle back abandoned space for a public good.

In Britain where 70% of the land is owned by less than 1% of the population, we squat to even out the score.

With skyrocketing rents, plummeting wages and mass unemployment, occupying some of the 18,000 empty properties in Manchester is fast looking to become the only option. If we played by their rules this space could not exist.

If you want to get involved to learn, organise, and act then keep your eyes peeled for the Café because something’s brewing…..


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