Manchester & Salford Anarchist Bookfair

So the cafe is at end, but the workshops go on! There’s a lot on today at the Manchester & Salford Anarchist Bookfair at The People’s History Museum.


Please note this programme is NOT at the OK cafe but at the People’s History Museum.

Coal Store Conference Room:

An introduction to Anarchism
Talks from the Anarchist Federation (Anarchist/Communist) & Solidarity Federation (Anarchist Syndicalist) on their groups, the work they carry out, and discussion on anarchism in general in the current political climate.

Come and catch up with the A.S.S. (Advisory Service for Squatters) and local squatters who were affected by the residential ban and changes in legislation.
Find out whats happened, what to do next, and why.
How upcoming changes in the law may continue to affect travellers, the homeless, and those at risk of becoming homeless.
We will be splitting this workshop into two parts; the first about the legalities of squatting, the second about the practicalities of squatting and other means of self- help housing in the UK and further afield.

Why Women Travel
Ireland: home of Guinness, Oyster Festivals, Galway Races and folk music AND where women still can’t get a legal abortion even when their lives are at risk. The death of Savita Hallapanavar has finally brought to internatoinal attention the true horrors faced by people in ireland seeking terminations.
This workshop will show early stage footage from a film Why Women Travel, a pro-choice tool to educate and encourage international solidarity action, made by 2 members of the Anarchist Federation.

Talk about the commons is basically about the theft of our commons by the ruling classes through the ages, taking the commons idea into a modern context by bringing in collective social assets such as the NHS and education.

Meeting Room:

Anarchism & parenting
An informal discussion on “anarchism and parenting”. Not a long talk, but a space for parents (and children!) to chat about struggles and perspectives.

Cheran, “Our struggle is for life”
Cherán is an indigenous community in the Mexican southwest currently in resistance. Illegal loggers, protected by the organized crime, have cut down 80% of their forests. In response, Cherán has expelled the police, political parties and have retaken collective forms of governance following their elders.

Freedom Through Football- Inside Britain’s Most Intrepid Sports Club
Easton Cowboys and Cowgirls are a sports club like no other. In a period when modern football has gained the world but lost its soul, this Bristol-based community team has swum in the opposite direction, taking a journey far away from the stale mediated world of professional sport.
The Cowboys were the first European side to tour the Zapatista-held automonous zones of Chiapas in Mexico and the first UK side to tour the West Bank. They’ve built a vibrant community around their part of inner city Bristol and played a role in building a larger network of like-minded amateur teams in Europe and around the world.
Will Simpson is a freelance writer who has spent 20 years as an Easton Cowboy. He explains how they did and how they’ve used anarchist ideas and drawn inspiration from the punk scene to achieve some things none of the original team would have thought possible.

Manchester: History is what’s happening
An introduction to a video documentary currently being made about the current anarchist, punk and DIY scene in Manchester.

Talks/ workshops will last approximately 45 minutes.

Please note. Line up subject to last minute changes.

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One Response to Manchester & Salford Anarchist Bookfair

  1. Wendy Murtagh says:

    Hi, Now that the OK cafe has finished again now until the next time, I have been thinking about doing a plant and seed swap the next time it is running. Would this be possible? Maybe on a saturday or sunday afternoon, where gardeners can come along and swap seeds and plants. Hopefully it will be sometime in the spring when people are starting their tomato, peppers and summer veg, but house plants will be welcome. Could you keep me in mind when you are putting together the next programme. Thankyou, Wendy.

    Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2012 12:23:35 +0000 To:

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