Last Day at the Cafe!! …Come join us for OK Cafe Party Time!!

It’s the LAST DAY at the Cafe! Boo-hoo. How time flies when you’re having fun!
So come, come, come, and bid farewell to the amazing journey that has been OK Cafe Greenhouse and join in one last time at our Grand Finale!

4-5pm: TLUD Wood Stove workshopTLUD Wood Stove
A TLUD burns waste wood (not lumber) and produces an intense heat. A properly built TLUD is SMOKELESS and produces CHARCOAL as a by-product. Sounds amazing, it is! Using a TLUD is an outdoors activity, the same as using a rocket stove or a open fire but this stove has some considerable advantages. To find out more, come down to the OK Cafe today and we will show you the science behind the design and then you can have a go at building one yourself. This workshop is being hosted by MORFF, a collective of eco-conscious Mancunians, who have a love for evolving and changing practice in the city to put the Great back into Greater Manchester.

6-7pm: Dinner Time at the OK Cafe
The Last Supper!

8-11pm: OKcafe Party Time Music n’ Stuff
The line up for the OK Cafe finale:
N okcafepartytime
Is having a rest from his usual Friday night habits (whatver they might be..) to come and select some beats from his dusty dub-box.
Tunes, tunes, expect tunes..!
A man and a piano, expect a man and a piano.
Trumpets and white cider..
Are coming from across the pond (in Platt Fields Park) to play, smooze and booze their way into oblivion sound.

Starts 8pm, we will be asking for donations on the door, all money raised will go to good good things.. In the past we have supported The 1in12, Prisoner Solidarity, RAWA, No Borders, Manchester Social Centre, Refugee/Migrant Solidarity and loads more that I’ve forgotten.. Finishes at 11pm.

(A) (E) (OK) !!!!

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