3 more days! Wed: Acupressure, Animal Farm, A Good Meeting and OPEN MIC!

It may be the last Wednesday, of the last week, but we still have 3 days left with a packed programme for you to enjoy. And what a line-up..!

2-4pm: Self-healing Work Shop: Acupressure & 5 steps Qi exercise
Eunice will teach self acupressure for common illnesses and health improvement. Attendents will also learn the most simple but effective Qi (internal energy) exercise to increase the body energy, calm and de-stress the mind. It is a form of meditation in motion. If the time allows, she will diagnose each individual’s health conditions by a specific method called ‘Palm diagnosis’. It will be first come first seen if too many people. Eunice was trained as a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor, has taught Tai-chi, Qi-gong and Zen meditation for many years.

4-6pm: The PIGS: a current socio-political analysis of Animal Farm
In spite of the fact that Animal Farm was written more than 60 years ago, its historical, social and political background is still a current issue. In the novel, George Orwell criticises, by means of an apparent simple tale of some animals in a farm, the political situation in the communist URSS. This novel portrays a very accurate representation of the current political and economic situation in many countries in Europe. Represented most remarkably by Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain due to the delicate economic moment they are passing through. A frightening parallelism can be seen between the main characters and main events of the novel and the current scenarios in Europe. The workshop will try to establish this parallelism in a 15-20-minute long discourse and will set the scene for a potential round table among all the participants. The aim is to reach some conclusions and ideas on how to avoid situations like the ones described in this wonderful novel in order to help improve our communities.

6-7pm: Dinner Time at the OK Cafe – All welcome!
Food. Yum! Nuff said.

7-8pm: How to have a GOOD meeting
Ever been bored or frustrated in a meeting? Come find out how to have a GOOD meeting! This workshops is for anyone and not just for people who are interested in facilitating / co-facilitating meetings… We’ll be looking at what a group as whole can do to make a meeting run in smoothly. The workshop will focus on what roles can be taken on by facilitator(s) (and how) and which tasks are best done collectively by the whole group.

8-10.30pm: Open Mic Night!
This is our last Open Mic night at OK Cafe Greenhouse, and its your final chance to get on the Mic!  Come along and share your passion – we want to hear you… Or just pop down to listen and treat your ears to the musical delights we have lined up 🙂

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