Sunday 25th November

The freeshop is on again today and as today all day…. No need to bring anything feel free to just take stuff! Or just come and dress up and hang out in there… 🙂

On Sunday we also have….

Lunch at 1pm! Food food food.. We haven’t normally done lunches this time round at the OK Cafe, but there is lunch this Sunday!

Dinner at 6pm – Food Not Bombs are Cooking up a storm..
Every day huge quantities of good food are thrown away, while thousands of people go hungry. Food Not Bombs is a global movement which collects donations of food that would otherwise have been thrown away and cooks it into hot vegan meals to give away on the street to anyone who wants or needs it. To get in touch with food not bombs in Manchester see

7-8:30pm Film Screenings: “Everyday Revolution” and “Yayas De L´Élégance”
OK Cafe presents a film screening of two short visual anthropology films. Each film will be followed by a short Q& A / discussions and we will have one of the film makers at the Cafe!
Everyday Revolution by Andrea Goytre Cabrera
In the context of the Spanish crisis, people try to invent and put into practice new ways of fighting the established economic and political powers. Their proposals turn their lives into an everyday revolution.

The Yayas De L´Élégance by MariaJose Pavlovic
S.A.P.E is the acronyme for the Society of Ambience Settlers and Elegant People. The followers of this movement are called “sapeurs”; men devoted to elegant dressing originally from Congo-Brazzaville, West Africa. Part of a sapeur´s achievement is to settle in Paris, the fashion´s capital so there they can become a “yaya”, a lingala word to express an experimented, recognised sapeur. Through the story of Fuluzioni Di Aluzioni, Annick Bertin “General Firenze” and Chardel Matsanga, this film tries to reveal the main aspects of this congolese practice.

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