The Cafe is ON for another week… get your workshops in!

The OK Cafe is continuing into next week and we still have some spaces in the program – so get your workshop ideas in! If you want to put something on have a read of our workshop callout and email with the title, description, length, equipment you need and when you can make it! In particular we have gaps for this Sunday (25th November). The program for next week will be continually updated as workshops are confirmed, so keep checking  the program pages to see what’s on. As for today (Wednesday 21st November) we have quite a line up:

1-2.30pm: Crafter Jewellery Workshop
Come along to our crafts workshop and learn how to make bracelets. Materials will be provided but feel free to bring your own (wool & beads)

2-4pm: OK – climb a Tree!
Theo (at the cafe) is doing an okasional trip to go and learn how to climb… a tree perhaps? Meeting at 2 at the cafe and then going to the park (or somewhere) bring a harness!

6-7pm: Food!!
Bring an empty tummy… and cake for desert is welcome too! We have a cooking and cake making rota on the wall at the Cafe, so if you want to help just come and speak to us about how it works and put your name down! You can never have too much cake though so feel free to bring some even if you are not on the rota…

Photograph: William Murphy

7-8pm: Why Women Travel – Abortion Rights in Ireland
Ireland, home of Guinness, folk music, beautiful scenery, James Joyce and a ban on abortion even in 2012.
…While in the UK, a short distance across the sea , it has been legal to get an abortion since 1967. In Ireland, both North and South, women are forced to travel to the UK to private clinics in order to get an abortion. This sad, stressful and lonely journey costs between £400 and £1000 for the procedure as well as hundreds for tickets and hotel fees. With the collapse of the Celtic Tiger and Ireland being the scene of much poverty, it has become even tougher for working class women to raise the funds to travel to the UK.

Women in Ireland need your support in the struggle to force the Irish government to legislate on abortion. Come to a meeting at OK Cafe. We are all workers; we must act in solidarity with women in Ireland.
For more information, contact Also see

8-10pm: The Last Thought
Envirolution Art Apocalypse: Interactive art workshop. Create your last piece of art before an environmental apocalypse, plus discussion about what we can do to prevent the apocalypse. The best pieces will be sold at out next art fundraiser

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