Tuesday 20th: Woodcraft, Shack Town Project and Tech Tools for Activism!

It’s another full day of things to DO and learn about here at the OK Cafe.. be introduced to the basics of woodcraft; hear about an inspiring community project; and interact with the tools that are being used for modern day activism! Please do come down and join us…

1-3pm: Woodcraft workshop – come make something from wood 
Come play with wood! We will introduce the basics of working with green wood and use tools to make a wooden spoon, spatula or necklace. All tools provided, no experience necessary.

6-7pm: Dinner Time at the OK Cafe – All welcome!

7-8pm: The Shack Town Project
Come and find out more: The Shack Town Project is the turning around of a derelict space into a blossoming community of friends, with the broader aim of becoming self sufficient and therefore leaving the state of mind that being provided for by a government is at all necessary..

8-10pm: Tech Tools for Activism
An interactive workshop and show on a modern approach to using technology for activism.

We’ll find out peoples thoughts on the pros and cons of using electronic communication for social change. We’ll swap top tips on useful tech tools. Exchange information on avoiding censorship and evading surveillance and together we’ll weed out paranoid pub facts from solid information when it comes to using the internet to save the world. The workshop in partnership with the Tech tools for activism project find out more – http://techtoolsforactivism.org

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