Sunday 18th November

Sunday is our busiest day of workshops so far with drama, stories, bikes, and workshops on G8 and animal rights… and MORE TEA! The special tea blend table is back and you can come and make your own unique cuppa.

12:30pm Direct Acting
This Sunday at the OK Cafe we will create a piece of live documentary theatre from scratch about housing in our city. Bring your imagination and your friends, no previous drama experience necessary, this will be an exciting two hour drama workshop, and the final half hour is an open sharing to anyone who fancies coming to watch what we have made. See you there!

2:30pm Bike Maintenance Check
Come along and get to know your bike! This is a Bike Maintenance session, so please come if you want to find out how to look after your bike, and if you already know how come along and help out in the session! We’ll be meeting at the Cafe at 2:30pm and then heading down to the park for some quality bike time, so if you have a bike please bring it! If you have tools please bring them along too…

4pm Storytime with Jez
Stories….. with Jez!

5pm Stop the G8? Open Meeting and discussion
The G8 (heads of the eight most economically powerfully countries in the world) is meeting in the UK in June 2013. With the next one being held here in the UK, groups are forming around the country to plan to oppose it. There is a national network already established, but so far, Manchester is completely unrepresented.

6:30pm Short Rides: A few short films about bikes and people
As a little after dinner treat we’ll be putting on a few bicycle-related short films for your enjoyment! Rather than a look at the latest fixie trends or the fastest and meanest racers out there these films will be more about bikes and people, and also how bikes are used for activism and social change…

7:30pm Ecotopia Biketour – a DIY biketour project
Ecotopia Biketour is an annual DIY biketour, this year we pedalled from Barcelona to Venice. Come and find out about the project, and make plans for next summer! 🙂 To recreate that biketour atmosphere we’ll be bringing some vegan treats so make sure you leave some space…

8pm Animal Rights in the Community – Past, Present and Future

A presentation on Animal Rights in the UK touching on the history of the movement, its’ current grassroots manifestations in Manchester and further afield, its’ links to other movements and how to get involved. To find out more about Manchester Animal Action, please check out their blog:

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