Open Space and…….. Gig!

The OK Cafe is coming along and we now have a library (please bring & take books or just read them at the Cafe!), and the space looks better everyday…  In the programme for today we have:

7pm Open Space 1: Safer Spaces – Challenging Oppression Constructively
This Open Space slot was left open for any discussions / questions that spring up during the cafe. In this session will focus on;
– Queer and Trans identities
– Oppression faced by less visible minorities
– How to challenge (perceived) oppression constructively

Open Space is an slot available to discuss any issues that occur during the Cafe. There will be an Open Space in week 2 as well, if you have points to discuss please write your suggestions on the Open Space board on the wall in the OK Cafe.

8pm Greek Solidarity Gig: Captain Hotknives and more more more
Until every prison is empty…SOLIDARITY IS OUR WEAPON
The Stressed Out Collective, bands and members of the ‘OK Cafe’, are holding solidarity with the ‘K-VOX’ (a squatted social centre in Athens).

We want to continue our efforts to strengthen international and reciprocal solidarity, through our music and actions.
Saturday 16th November @ OKasional cafe
Music 8:00pm-11pm – £3 Suggested Donation for Greek political/activists prisoners support network

Live acts
Rachel Whatever
Captain Hotknives

Donations will go towards raising money to fund the living costs of members of the ‘Conspiracy of Cells of Fire’, the ”Revolutionary Struggle” and other Anarchists and Anti-Fascists that are detained in Greek prisons or having problems with the law for their actions.

“To those who stand in solidarity during our efforts; To those who act at night;
A thank you is not enough to describe our solidarity. Only a raised fist.”

Please also donate if you cannot make the gig, the 15 arrested Antifascists have been released on high bail amounts: 3,000.00€ for each one of them, so we need to raise a total of 45,000.00€.

An appeal has been filed for the bail amounts to be lowered. For all those that want to contribute in collecting these amounts, there is a box in K*VOX squat, in Exarchia Square in Athens. Since it is not possible for many people to go there, we have set up a separate PayPal account under the email address .

The whole amount collected there will be handed over to K*VOX.

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