Thursday: Explore Learning, a Tasty GM-free Dinner and Do Battle Against GM Food..!

The cafe is about to start and today we’re inviting you over for:

1-5pm: Autonomous Learning Zone (ALZ) – a new radical learning project
Come along to explore different ways of learning together….. The autonomous learning zone is about bringing people together to create a space for informal learning, and to allow projects and ideas to grow faster. At the start of each session everyone who comes decides what we are going to do that day, and you can also just along and do your own thing if you like getting on with your work / project / knitting with other people around.. Examples of what we have done previously include: researching the changes in squatting law, vegan Danish pastries, film production, bike maintenance… We decide what we want to learn, then we do it! Simple… come join!

We don’t yet have a website so for more info email or find us on facebook:

6pm: ‘The Battle Against GM Food’ do Dinner …yeay!

7.30-9.30pm: The Battle Against GM Food – the Next 10 Years!
Visitors to the OK Cafe opposed to genetically modified food will find out how the anti-GM campaign in the UK is once again gaining momentum. The workshop will provide a tasty non-GM dinner to accompany an insightful short documentary ‘Take the Flour Back’ by local filmmakers Nettle Seed, and will also include an update on the campaign to date. Ultimately, we aim to enable participants to begin to find ways to further the anti-GM campaign in Manchester.

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