Crafts, brick walls, and a radical education themed evening…

The cafe is in full swing and today we’re inviting you over for:

4:30-6pm Crafts Workshop

Come along to our Crafts Workshop and learn how to make dream catchers. Materials will be provided but feel free to bring your own (preferably wool & beads).

6pm – Dinner….. yum yum! All welcome.. 

7-8pm Brick walls and what they can teach us

Some insights into the collapse of complex societies, peak oil theory and where we stand.

8-8:30pm A new radical learning project: The Autonomous Learning Zone

Come and find out about a new project to explore different ways of learning together in a non-hierarchical way. ALZ is about bringing people together to create a space for informal learning, and to allow projects and ideas to grow faster. Examples of what we have done include: researching the changes in squatting law, vegan Danish pastries, film production, bike maintenance… In this session we are going to explain about the project (and how you can join!) with time for Q&A, and show the short RSA animation – “Changing Education Paradigms”  We don’t yet have a website so for more info email .

8:30pm ALZ Presents: film screening of “Forbidden Education”

The Forbidden Education is a documentary meant to question the logic of the current school system. The film explores ways of understanding education by looking at different learning experiences, and considers the need for another educational paradigm. The Forbidden Education is a project done by young people, trying to show the vision of those who learn. It is a research project that covered 8 countries and interviewed more than 90 educators about the different educational approaches. (The version we show will be in Spanish with English subtitles)

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