Where we are:

It’s here it, it’s near, it’s the OK Café! We have a location…. Come on down to The Greenhouse Restaurant in Rusholme / Moss side! It’s 331 Great Western Street, M14 4AN UK..


The OK Café is in a squatted building and though we try to find somewhere as accessible as possible this time the building is smaller than before there may be issues with some workshops. We are flexible though so if anyone cannot access a workshop we it can be moved to the downstairs space. The space is limited so please let us know if you plan to attend a workshop and have concerns about accessibility by emailing mcrokcafe@gmail.com . Entry to the space: currently there is a step to get into the building, but it is possible to lift a wheelchair in.


At the moment we have a bit of bike display going on on Great Western Street, and have already had a few near incidents of bikes departing from the Café without their owners… If you want to keep you wheels safe(r) please park up on the Curry Mile /elsewhere…


This time round we are in a smaller space than before, so please be considerate of people who may have allergies or are scared of dogs. Dogs can come in the Café, but if you can then please leave your dog at home – if you do bring along a dog it’s your responsibility to make sure the it doesn’t affect the Café being a safe (and clean!) space.

Vegan Space

As before the OK Café is a vegan space, so if you are bringing food / beverages into the café then vegan only please!

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