The Cafe is ON, workshops are in full flow…

It’s been a day of making things at the Cafe with a green wood craft workshop from from 1-3pm, followed by a knitting workshop at 4-6pm. There might now be a few more wooden spoons and hand made scarves around….
Coming up in the evening we have:

7-8pm: Changes in Social Welfare and How to Fight Back

Come and get an update on the upcoming changes to benefits, how we can organise around them, followed by a discussion…

8-9pm: Steady State Economics – what, why, how?

A group of Mancunians have produced two reports on a “Steady State Manchester” – one on economics, and another on practical solidarity with people in the rest of the world. This workshop offers a chance to find out more about it, ask questions, make criticisms and – if you want – get involved.

9-10pm Activist skills and knowledge in the community

Are you a cooking ninja? A climate science novice? Are you a video-making expert, or a facilitation practitioner? Come along and meet other people who want to develop the abilities that they – and their groups – have. A great opportunity to find out what skills and knowledge you – and other people who attend the workshop have – and then figure out how to share them.

And in the rest of the week:

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