Sunday 18th March: Gamecock Grand Finale

Three weeks have flown past already and it’s our last day at the Gamecock! Thanks to all who came and helped make the OKCafe happen! Today is the second day of the Campaigns Collective weekender, and as it’s our last day please note that we may not be serving food and tea as normal.

Manchester Campaigns Collective Present…
A Weekend of Action for Social Change @The OK Café


Poetry as Protest with Steph Pike (Workshop Space)
A journey into poetry as a form of protest and method to speak out for radical social change with one of Manchester’s most outspoken poets and activists, Steph Pike.
Filmmaking On A Budget (The Blue Room)
A three hour film bonanza led by Pablo, a complete guide to film making, from planning to writing, filming to editing. See for more.

Consensus Decision Making & Facilitation (The Workshop Space)
Seeds For Change are an organisation who for years have been providing entertaining and cliché-busting training on various topics surrounding campaigns for social justice. More than just another workshop, this training will help you clarify WHY consensus and facilitation are so important and take you beyond thinking of them purely as form of process towards a more holistic understanding.
An Introduction to Graphic Design (TheLounge)
A short session aimed at demystifying graphic design and making it accessible to even the most Luddite of us by using free open source software and simple terminology. Bring your own laptop if possible.

Basic Videocamera Skills (TheLounge)
A guide for beginners on how to use a videocamera in high pressure situations while on the move without ending up with a blurry, shaky mess! Essentail for all wannabe action filmmakers and those who want to film for legal observer and other purposes.
An Introduction to Housing Co-ops (Workshop Space)
Fed up of getting ripped off by unscrupulous private landlords? Considering alternatives to property market madness but unsure whether they’re workable? Members of a local Radical Routes affiliated housing co-op give practical advice on the benefits (and drawbacks) of setting up a cooperative.
Dealing With The Media (The Main Space)
Everyone wants publicity for their actions and campaigns but dealing with mainstream media can have its drawbacks as well as benefits. Come and pick up tips on how to avoid falling into the mainstream media’s traps, share your stories and experiences and discuss how to play them at their own game.
Basic flyer & poster design (The Blue Room)
How to use free open source software to make flyers, posters, leaflets and other resources for your action, campaign, or party! Bring your own laptop if possible.

Oppression in “alternative” spaces (The Main Space)
Despite our best efforts and intentions, on occasion the “alternative” and “autonomous” spaces we build can replicate the wider oppressive structures related to gender, race, class, sexual orientation and physical ability we find in our society. What can we do to make these spaces safer and more inclusive and how can we challenge and confront oppression when we see or experience it in supposedly “radical” circles?
Under The Pavement Radio Workshop (The Blue Room)
The UTP crew will be wrapping up the weekend by using YOU as it’s roving reporters to document the end of the current OK cafe. The session will be an introduction to community radio and will give participants the chance to create audio to be played on the coming week’s show.

18.00 (The Main Space
The final session of the weekend, and indeed the café! We ask everyone who has participated in the café and the weekend to come together to discuss what has happened over the last few weeks and hopefully plan for future ACTION based on the thinking, planning and organising that has occurred over the last three weeks.

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