Saturday 17th March – last full day at the Gamecock!!

Come make the most of our last full day at the Gamecock! Workshops gallore from the Manchester Campaigns Collective so take your pick, then take to the streets and Reclaim the Night!! Then PARTY. As it’s our last weekend with packing to be done, we might not be able to serve tea and food as normal.

Manchester Campaigns Collective present…
A Weekend of Action for Social Change @The OK Café,

SATURDAY 17th March

Prisoner Support Letter Writing Workshop (Workshop Space)
Manchester Prisoner Support present a short workshop on how to support prisoners incarcerated for political purposes.
FILM: The Weather Underground (The Blue Room)
Documentary on the American underground radical organisation The Weathermen, responsible for a string of bomb attacks on governmental buildings in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Manchester Green & Black Cross present – KNOW YOUR RIGHTS (Workshop space)
All you need to know to legally protect yourself and others when on demos, actions and in the streets – know your rights around stop and search, lawful and unlawful arrests, rights in custody and how to challenge the police.
Welfare & Avoiding Burnout (The Lounge)
An opportunity for people to get together and discuss, in a supportive environment, their practical tips and coping strategies for avoiding burnout, dealing with heavy workloads and tiring campaigning as well as the day to day stresses of life in a capitalist, patriarchal and heteronormative society.

Climbing In The City (Meet in Main Space)
Get out of the café and into the city and learn how to use lampposts, street furniture and other structures as props to climbing and decorating otherwise inaccessible urban spaces….
FILM: Before Stonewall (The Blue Room)
A documentary on the American LGBT community prior to the Stonewall Riots, examining the repressive conditions that led to the eruption of the gay rights movement from 1969 onwards. An inspiring story of how the most marginalised and criminalised people of society can come together to fight for liberation.

Behaviour Change for Social Action (Workshop Space)
A workshop on using psychological and behavioural techniques to make others examine their previously held beliefs and bring them round to your way of thinking. A must for anyone who’s ever tried to win an argument!
Making Meetings More Effective (The Lounge)
Tired of sitting in endless long, tedious meetings that spend ages going round and round in circles, or worse, nowhere at all?! Come pick up and share tips on how to cut the bull in meetings and keep them shorter, more effective and to the point.
Placard making for Reclaim The Night (Main Space)
Grab card and paint and let your love and rage spill out on the page… Make your placard for tonight’s march before…..

FILM: The Itty Bitty Titty Committee
Come and stoke yourself up for Reclaim The Night with this radical feminist comedy (yeah we do have a fucking sense of humour) about a confused young college reject who finds purpose in her life after a late night vandalism spree leads her to join the Clits In Action revolutionary feminist public art collective. Just in time for….

Reclaim the Night, the Streets, the Lot! (Leaving café at 19.00 to arrive at Albert Square for 19.30)
Join us to march through the city centre, and, if only for an hour or two, take back the streets as a place where we meet freely, have fun, dance and shout and stand up to male aggressors and all those who defend capitalist patriarchy and state violence.

20:00 – 1:30 Brewing Coop & OKcafe fundraiser
Manchester Brewing Co-operative are a small, non-profit group who are reclaiming the means of production of alcohol. We have been making home-brewed beer, wine and cider for over a year now. We also believe in skill-sharing, and put on regular beer and cider making workshops.
Over the coming year, we are hoping to take it to the next stage and become a fully fledged micro-brewery, so we can make locally produced, vegan, sustainable and, above all, tasty beverages for the North-West community. This is going to be the first event of many where we’ll hope to help raise the necessary capital to make this a reality.

So come down for a night of eclectic live music and DJs! The first couple of artists are going to be chilled, acoustic acts, before we get the dancefloor going with a few choice Manchester bands. There’ll be live music from:

Freya Hyggelig (AKA Abi)
Rachel Hillary
The Magic Room Band
Salford Media City
The Yossarians

Then party into the night with Seven Seasons Sound’s DJs playing Afrobeat, Balkanbeat, Samba and other sounds from around the world.

Sound will be provided by GSS pro audio. We’ll be asking for a few quids donation on the door. Money raised will be split between the co-op and the OK cafe. Its going to be the last night at this cafe so come along to show your support!

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