Thursday 8th March

It’s international day at the café! Come and play your food, eat the music, and bring your friends to share it with. Vamonos!
We also have radical board games planned for today, so you can play while absorbing the many languages and flavours..

12:00 – 00:00 Radical Board Games Day!
Come bring and play radical board games! (International radical games are welcome too)

15:30 – 17:30 Permaculture and Urban Gardening Films
A series of short documentary films about permaculture and urban gardening, to inform and inspire.

17:00 – 00:00 Around the World: International food and music

International cooking and open mic.

1) Greek, Italian and Spanish food will be served around 6ish but come and cook your own country’s fav vegan meal.
2) Bring your instrument and play your country’s music! Invite your friends, let’s make the OKcafe a puzzle of different cultures and languages.

17:30 – 19:30 Polyglot cafe / Languages (French, Greek, Spanish + others) discussion
Learn or share your languages – French, Spanish, Greek… over a cup of tea!

19:00 – 21:00 How not to be a Manarchist and why it matters
Everything you always wanted to know about how your daily interactions may clash horribly with your large-scale politics, but were afraid to ask.

20:30 -21:30 The Big Six Energy Bash – planning meeting
Find out how to get involved in a mass action against the Big Six Energy companies in the fight against fuel poverty, corporate control and climate change. With Manchester Climate Action.

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