Friday 2nd March

13:00 – 15:00 Introduction to food skipping

14:00 – 18:00  Learn How to Cook Vegan Food

An opportunity to fine tune your chopping, spicing and food tasting skills! Every day at the OKCafe volunteers prepare a delicious evening meal for all. If you would like to help with this but are not yet confident at cooking for lots of people then this is the workshop for you! So if you have enjoyed the food at the café, come along and learn how to make it…..

16:30 – 18:00 Occupy! and the future of “New Social Movements”: Local, Transnational, and Critical perspectives

The Occupy movement has rejuvenated popular political resistance, following protest and revolution, in North America, Europe, and in Nigeria, launching a entire movement of people “occupying” spaces of the powerful (a.k.a. “the 1%”). This presentation seeks to critically discuss what “Occupy” is and its impact on new social movements and answer the following questions: is it the successor to the Global Justice Movement, is it a stand-alone movement, or was it just the action that popularized resistance beyond N. Africa and S. Europe? Also, the Occupy movement has faced criticism from non-white activists and been praised by institutionalized American liberals, respectfully. In response to criticisms, a progressive phenomenon in Occupy has been the presence of subaltern caucuses and campaigns (i.e. People Of Colour Occupy caucuses & “Occupy the Hood”); also, it has avoided being co-opted thus far due to its decentralized and translatable nature. Occupy is a recent phenomenon for social movements and its impact represents the possibilities of a paradigm shift in public communication, mobilization, and a popular re-engagement with class in the 21st century.

18:00 – 19:00 Das Kapital reading group

Reading group session one: Why read Marx’s Kapital? Discussion and planning session.

19:00 – 21:00 Why Care About Palestine?

In this event, local campaigners and activists involved in the Palestinian cause will present a night of film and discussion on why the issue of Palestine and its people remains a vital issue for all campaigners for social justice. The huge changes in the situation in Occupied Palestine in recent years, the building of the apartheid wall, the constant environmental crisis and struggles over water rights, the house demolitions, arbitrary detentions of activists and widespread harassment and violent dispersal of peaceful protest, have been largely unconsidered by activists involved in struggles for radical social change in the UK. This event aims to make people more aware of the recent situation in Palestine, demonstrate the links between social movements in Palestine and the UK, discuss how those in the UK can greater support Palestinian rights and hopefully inspire action to show solidarity with Palestinians and help further their call for a free Palestine.

20:00 – 02:00 Music Night: a fund-raising gig for the Manchester Social Centre

The delicious people at the OK cafe are proud to kick your weekend off with a searing clash of Ska, Reggae, & flavourous Funk !

Playing Live & loose this Fridy night for your aural excitement we have Peak District , Scratter Disco-Pig , & RED BARRIO followed by the vinly stylings of the mighty Gaz & Arturo.

Peak district:

”We make music using samples, we make samples using instruments”

Mixing, looping, & letting it out live Peak District will drift through your most sensitive parts like a massage from a dolphin. Drizzling you in bursting Manchester beats & melancholy undertones. Akin to being chased up the stairs by love.


Scratter Disco-Pighttp:

“The Scratters are, to your state of being, like fertiliser is to your flowers; they might smell nasty but they sure as shit make you dance in the wind! Expect sticky, grimy, enveloping melodies, super-blasting horns, explosive bad-ass beats, loveable, laughable lyrics and a full suite of tiger suits!”


Red barrio:

Red Barrio is a collaboration of musicians from all 4 corners of the world. Originally formed by percussionist Arturo Aranguren & bass player Mark Hoyt they have grown into a soild 6 piece band. A tight riddim section is complimented by smooth keyboards from Christopher O’Neill & the creamy smooth sounds of Vince on Saxaphone. Either using guest singers, backing artists or just going instrumental. Red Barrio are rapidly becoming one of Manchester’s best loved dub-reggae outfits.

This is a Fundraiser night & donations will be collected on the door so have plenty of the evil jingley stuff ready !!

Be Well all & see you there.x

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