Monday 27th February 2012

The OKcafe is open from 12pm till midnight and we would like to invite you for some tea, decoration, events and workshops!

Have a look at the programme below and see you at the cafe soon! Click here for details of what’s on the rest of the week….

13:00-15:00 Mug Painting Workshop; Paint your OK Cafe mug!

14:30- 18:00 Learn How to Cook Vegan Food…and do it and then…eat it!

17:00-22:00 Brewing workshop; Learn to brew beer for the OK Cafe! We hope to drink our own beer at the end of the cafe!

20:00-23:00 Poetry night;

The OK CAFE returns and kicks off with a great night of punchy, powerful, funny and furious performance poetry that promises to knock your socks from here to the moon!

Dominic Berry will facilitate a great night of poems and laughter PLUS a first-come-first-on open mic. Turn up nice and early for your chance to read your stuff.

Rod Tame, Dave Viney, Steph Pike and Kieren King will perform as Dominic’s guests.

Rod Tame is host of Write Out Loud Sale and ‘Rhyme and Dine’ at Manchester’s Earth Café, a prolific poetic performance artist and actor, having starred in Contact’s ‘Wizard’ and Chorlton Arts Festival’s ‘Drowning Aristotle’.“Rod’s work is playfully energetic with a good dollop of the profound.” – Gerry Potter

Dave Viney grew up in Stretford, Manchester. He started writing poetry and short stories at the age of 14, largely in secret – due to a shortage of poets and an excess of people who like to punch poets in the face. He went on to co-host ‘Freed Up’ and ‘Poets Get Mashed’, write and perform for BBC Manchester Radio and more recently (as part of Working Verse) write and perform in Amateur Thematics, Lowry Theatre. He has been published in Gumbo Press. Puppywolf Press’ Best of Manchester Poets – Volume 2′ and will feature in Working Verse Collective’s book / published 2012.

Steph Pike is a poet who has performed extensively across the Northwest. Her poetry combines politics, passion and lyrical imagery. She has been published in several anthologies and her first collection of poetry, ‘Full of the Deep Bits’ was published in 2010 by Knives Forks & Spoons Press.

Kieren King is the 2012 champion of The Bilston Love Poetry Slam. A member of Working Verse with Dave Viney, he’s acted in Amateur Thematics at The Lowry (2012) and is currently working on Working Verse’s first collection of verse. Kieren King is, in his own words, “a heathen and an anarchist and must be approached with caution at all times.” He also notes that tickling him behind the ear has been proven to soothe him.

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