Saturday 12th November 2011

Here ye here ye, come gather for the final full day of this Okasional cafe. We have Chilli masala for lunch at 2:30 and some delicious sikh cuisine at 7. If you have not yet visited and experienced this autonomous space then do not hesitate, seize this moment and enjoy.

2pm-5pm Textiles skill share

Jewellery and crafts making- there will be stuff provided but bring your own too!

2-6:30pm- Legal observer workshop

Legal observer is the art of collecting evidence to assist activists in legal proceedings. This session, run by Green and Black Cross, is beginners’ training in what you need to look out for and do as a legal observer.

9pm-2:00am- Folk Fights Night

Folk Night…Music night.

This will be the last late night event at the Cafe, with music from The Happy Soul, Avital Raz & f Q Too, Tom Yates & Friendly Friends, Karima Francis, The Yossarians, and more special guests!

Donations on the door, lots and lots of special booze, astral revelations & provident visions of the future. & jam …..

followed by A Dj eventings 60’s garage, funk, & souliness …

Be there or be eaten by tiny shoes…..

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