Friday 11th November 2011

So, as it is the beginning of the last weekend of this okcafe, it’s our pleasure to offer for your ‘workshopable’ enjoyment a fine day full of delicious food, brews, and beautiful company.

2-4pm – Making stuff out of rubbish

Does what it says on the tin. Belts out of inner tubes, wallets out of tetra packs…laptops out of cereal boxes…yeah!

5-9pm- OKcafe- OKsong

OK, what happens if you gather up a lot of OK musicians to forum an OK supergroup and write an OK song about squatting/ the cafe? Let’s find out!

All welcome, no musical talent required, just a sense of rhythm!

6-8pm- Mexico and The Movement for Peace

Documentary and discussion;

An independent collective of documentarists in Mexico directed a documentary about the war in Mexico and they show it at the cafe;

”Mass-media is not accurately showing what the war in Mexico is being like and affecting every single one of us and our families

6-8pm-When Protest Goes Wrong

When Protest Goes Wrong: arrest, detention, courts, imprisonment – it could be you! Green & Black Cross workshop on experiences of the legal and punishment systems.

8-9pm – Red & Black Cross meeting

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