Wednesday 2nd Nov

Urban Gardening Project open meeting 6.30-8pm
For those with green fingers – get involved in a new project working on urban sustainability, guerilla gardening and more…

Towards a long term social centre?? 7-9pm
After the taste of OKcafe, dont we want something more long term? Come to this discussion if you want to explore possibilities for setting up a more permanent radical space in our lovely city…

Squatting in the UK, a sad sad day..

Despite public outrage about the governments’ proposed legislation on squatting, they have pushed the bill through, rejecing the amendments put forward by campaigners. Earlier last month the government launched a public consultation on squatting, a staggering 96% per cent of people who replied, said there was no need for any changes to the law on squatting.

We know democracy is a word which has suffered absue, we have seen it being used to justify all manner of oppressive behaviours, legislation and so on. But I personally still had some naive faith invested in this consultation. Its clear that we have been totally ignored, ignored and shut out. On Nov 1st, 15 People were kettled and arrested in London for protesting agaisnt this violent legislation. They were arrested for holding a protest inside the restricted zone (0.6m radius around westminister) around westminister, the very place where decisions are made.. Watch more on ‘Democracy Live’.

In times like these we need to stick together, plan and organise.. Come to the cafe and chat with people about issues around squatting past, present and future.

and here,

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