Saturday 29th

Plenty to help out with today getting the caf spruced up, also some great workshops.
See you down here…

Rhythms of Resistance percussion workshop
14:00 – 16:00
Learn to drum Samba style. Instruments provided. No
experience necessary

Rhythms of Resistance are an international
network of protest drumming bands that meet and play very simple tunes at
demonstrations and direct actions to create atmosphere

The samba percussion workshop will be aimed at complete drumming novices.
You dont need an instrument, or even be able to play.All instruments will
be provided on the day

West Papua – The Secret Genocide
16:00 – 19:00
The forgotten tropical paradise of West Papua is also the scene of a
vicious genocide being committed by the Indonesian military against a
defenceless tribal people. Over 400,000 are estimated to have been killed
since West Papua was colonised, but the people remain resilient in their
struggle for freedom.

Join us for this event where you can find out more about this unreported
struggle. There will also be a screening of the award winning undercover
documentary on the struggle, Forgotten Bird of Paradise.

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One Response to Saturday 29th

  1. andrew767 says:

    Our nations are guilty of causing the slaughter & denial of human rights in West Papua because of an illegal UN resolution in August 1962, UN General Assembly resolution 1752 (XVII).

    The American corporation Freeport wanted West Papua for it’s gold, copper, and other minerals.

    It is shameful that our nations voted in support of a transparent scheme to profit Freeport shareholders at the expense of the people of West Papua and it is long overdue that we demanded our governments allow the ICJ (International Court of Justice) to give it’s opinionon the legality of both resolution 1752 and the “New York Agreement”.

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