Thursday 20th

Day of great workshops, plenty of activities from games to sewing to propa ganda making.

Direct Action training
15:00 – 17:00
Get skilled up.


16:00 – 17:00
Learn about permaculture

Queer Riot postponed till next Thursday.

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One Response to Thursday 20th

  1. Rose Bush says:

    Hey! come along to Queer Riot/Quiet Riot next Thursday 7-11.30

    SSH. ssh!

    Sometimes us queers shout and scream in anger. Sometimes we look the ConDem’s and the Bankers direct in the eye and, in a menacing whisper, let them know exactly what we think of their tax breaks, bank bonuses and cuts.

    Riot Collective are having a very quiet night; white noise against the cuts.

    Poetry from Steph Pike and Fergus Evans.

    Steph Pike

    Fergus Evans

    grumpy neurotic stand-up from Heena Patel

    New Drag Act from Betty Swallow

    Acoustic music from Rachele and Emma from the MOFO collective (which aims to support, promote and encourage more women to get creative).(

    Rachele Whatever. Rachele is a singer, a promoter and a whole big dynamo. She has lots to say about everything, but what she thinks about AUSTERITY is: “AUSTERIY, what it really means, WE PAY FOR THE MISTAKES OF TH GREEDY, Nothing changes for them, in a MERCEDES BENZ and they can afford PRIVATE HEALTHCARE”. The riot collective love Rachele!

    Emma Elizabeth, a 20-year-old singer/songwriter. She mostly perform original songs, which she has written and composed herself. Songs which have been labeled ‘Honest and confessional’ in a review by Quenched Music.

    Sarah Kerton

    Any money made will go to Queer Resistance North West to sustain the fight against the cuts.

    Cheap entry.

    7pm – 8pm Discussion on the Equalities Act by the North West LGBT Network against the cuts (more info to be announced).

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