Wednesday 20th

Whats on today…

Mushroom Biryani
12 ’til it’s Gone!

Yoga laughing workshop 
14:00 – 15:00
ha hee ha ha hoo ho dee ha haa hee hee de haaaa pfffha ah ha hee he h e.

There are few things in the world better for us than laughing. It oxygenates the blood (all round good thing), saturates the brain with endorphins (happy hormones), alleviates stress and depression and is very, very fun. Fortunately the body doesn’t know the difference between ‘fake’ laughter and ‘real’ laughter so – using laughing exercises combined with breathing techniques – soon hilarity can be consciously invited, cultivated and enjoyed. This is a very, very funny way to spend one’s time. Everyone is encouraged to come enjoy this wonderfully silly and powerful tool for well-being.

Make your own tea                           
Afternoon tea with a twist. Pick’n’mix your own tea flavours…try anything from pomegranate to chilli, oolong to rose…all that with a delicious home-made scone, jam and cream. Mmmmmm.

Practical squatting                            
Practical skillshare looking at how to secure your home, different types of locks, including their strengths & weaknesses as well as a general discussion of building security. Bring questions and experiences to share!

Cuts, Climate or Capitalism; what should we campaign on?
A discussion hosted by Manchester Climate Action

Greek food and acoustic music 
OPEN MIC – Oldhouse Playground, Jenny, Fernando, and more to confirm.
late – JAM – play, listen, or have it on toast!

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